How do you appreciate cooking?

How do you appreciate your cooking?

Phrases for complimenting someone’s cooking

  1. The lasagna is delicious.
  2. This soup is very tasty. tasty = delicious.
  3. You’re a fantastic cook.
  4. Did you make this from scratch?
  5. You’ve got to give me the recipe for this chicken dish!
  6. The cherry pie is out of this world.
  7. That was delicious.

How do you praise for good food?

Beyond “Delicious”

  1. Tastes great! Eating something delicious right now? …
  2. Really good! Here’s something else you could say instead of delicious. …
  3. Wow, [this food] is amazing! …
  4. Yummy. …
  5. Flavorful. …
  6. Mouth-watering. …
  7. This [food] is too [flavor] for me/for my taste. …
  8. It could use a little more/less…

What do you say when someone likes your cooking?

How you accept it: “Thank you so much! You know I’ve tried to tackle this for a while. I’m so glad you like it.” And if the recipe isn’t a secret, you can add, “Let me know if you want the recipe.”

How do you thank for delicious food?

I/We enjoyed our time spent with you, and especially appreciated your generosity and hospitality while serving us a delicious dinner. We wanted to write you this note to say thank you for dinner. It was a delicious meal, but most of all, we enjoyed spending time with you at your beautiful home.

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What should I say about good food?

Alternative words to describe food that’s ‘delicious’

  • 01“A well-prepared delectable meal with great presentation and an interesting flavor I’ve never experienced before.”
  • 02“This was a meal that I can compare to ambrosia, the food of the gods.
  • 03“This appetizing dish was prepared with great care and attention to detail.

How do you say it’s so tasty?


  1. appetizing.
  2. delectable.
  3. flavorful.
  4. luscious.
  5. pungent.
  6. savory.
  7. spicy.
  8. yummy.

How do you describe good taste?

Flavorsome indicates good tasting, full of flavor, specifically pleasant flavor; implying delicious, tasty, appetizing, scrumptious, yummy, juicy, succulent, heavenly, inviting, luscious, mouthwatering, palatable, saporous, savory; may be divine, toothsome, and tempting.

How do you say compliments to the chef?

In this case, I would suggest that you mention the dish that you liked, “send my compliments to the chef, the halibut was out of this world”, so the correct chef gets the credit. I have read chefs online saying how they resent the head chef taking the credit for their work.

How do you describe cooking?

Cooking, cookery, or culinary arts is the art, science and craft of using heat to prepare food for consumption. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely, from grilling food over an open fire to using electric stoves, to baking in various types of ovens, reflecting local conditions.

How do you say thanks for food?

Thank you note examples for the food maker:

  1. Love, [Your Name] Dear [Their name], I enjoy the weekly dinner at your house.
  2. Thanks Again, [Your Name] Dear [Their name],
  3. [Your Name] Dear [Spouse’s Name], Thank you for taking the time to make our meals and having enough leftovers for me to take to work the next day.

How do you thank someone for a recipe?

Dear [Name], Thank you for sharing the [what the recipe was for] recipe with me. [I/We] love it (or another compliment)—[Or, including how it helped you].

How do you thank a chef for food?

We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful food and the excellent services you provided on my anniversary party! It was a real pleasure working with you and I will recommend you to anyone. Best regards. Thank you so much for the delicious food that you cooked for us on our family holiday in Bar Sur Loup.

What are different ways to say yummy?


  1. appetizing.
  2. delectable.
  3. delightful.
  4. juicy.
  5. luscious.
  6. piquant.
  7. savory.
  8. spicy.

What is a word for delicious?

appetizing, delectable, delightful, distinctive, enjoyable, enticing, exquisite, heavenly, luscious, piquant, pleasant, rich, savory, spicy, sweet, tasty, tempting, yummy, choice, dainty.

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How do you tell someone they have good taste?

Nice bottle choice, like, I really like, that you have good taste. You can follow this, by the way, you have good taste in blah blah blah. You have good taste in movies; you have good taste in music. if you want to be specific about something that you think that person is really good at choosing.

How do you describe food in writing?

Food writing shines when it’s specific to the food’s particular flavor, texture, or smell, making it more evocative and precise. Rather than describing a soup as “tasty” or “scrumptious,” try more specific words like “buttery,” “chunky,” or “minty.”

How do you comment on a food Post?

Comments for Food Posts on Instagram

  1. Why does this look so mouth-watering?
  2. Makes me crave even more.
  3. This deliciousness has blessed my feed.
  4. Looks tempting.
  5. Weekend calories don’t count.
  6. Ordering this RN!
  7. How much food is too much food?
  8. A pizza a day keeps all the worries away.

How do you compliment a good baker?

Thank you very much! The cake was beautiful and it tasted great! Lisa H. The cake was beautiful and delicious!
How do you compliment someone’s baking?

  1. The dish is delicious.
  2. This soup is very tasty.
  3. Great Pasta!
  4. You’re a fantastic cook.
  5. Did you make this from scratch?

How do you compliment someone?

Complimenting the Whole Person

  1. I appreciate you.
  2. You are perfect just the way you are.
  3. You are enough.
  4. You’re all that and a super-size bag of chips.
  5. On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11.
  6. You’ve got all the right moves.
  7. Everything would be better if more people were like you.
  8. You are an incredible human.

How would you describe a good chef?

Below are some of the very essential qualities of a chef that will help them achieve success in the trade.

  • Passion: A great chef has to be passionate about food and cooking.
  • Stamina: An essential quality of a true chef is stamina.
  • Leadership skills: It is the chef who is responsible for the kitchen.

How do you write Delicious?


  1. dilicious – 6.3%
  2. delicous – 4.9%
  3. delisious – 2.6%
  4. delici – 2.6%
  5. deliciou – 2.1%
  6. Other – 81.68%

What’s another word for taste good?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for good taste, like: deliciousness, scrumptiousness, flavorfulness, lusciousness, delectability and toothsomeness.

What is another word for extremely tasty?

Some common synonyms of tasty are appetizing, palatable, savory, and toothsome. While all these words mean “agreeable or pleasant especially to the sense of taste,” tasty implies a pronounced taste.

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How do you use delicious in a sentence?

She cooked us a delicious dinner. She made a delicious meal for him. We were satisfied with the delicious food. The dishes were not so delicious, but otherwise the party was a success.

How would you describe refined taste?

having or showing well-bred feeling, taste, etc.: refined people. freed or free from coarseness, vulgarity, etc.: refined taste. freed from impurities: refined sugar. very subtle, precise, or exact: refined distinctions.

What does you have taste mean?

1. To have a preference, inclination, or desire for some particular kind of food or drink.

How do you give feedback to a delicious cake?

Just to say a big thank you for your wonderful and delicious cake. and saw the cake. The day was a success and your contribution made it very special for all. Thank you so much for the cake, it is absolutely beautiful and so tasty as well!

How do I write a review on a bakery?

Bakery Reviews – EXAMPLES

  1. Wow! Super cute place with amazing pastries.
  2. Go get these donuts and various pastries.
  3. Lots of great pastries.
  4. Great place!
  5. The products are excellent, especially like the pecan cinnamon rolls.
  6. Great neighborhood bakery.
  7. New owners- Same recipes!
  8. Such a gem!

How do you say thank you for a delicious cake?

Thanks for baking the cake. It was both beautiful and delicious. It was so sweet of you to offer to make it. The entire family enjoyed it.

How do I compliment a girl on her cooking?

Phrases for complimenting someone’s cooking

  1. The dish is delicious.
  2. This soup is very tasty.
  3. Great Pasta! It’s finger licking good.
  4. You’re a fantastic cook.
  5. Did you make this from scratch?
  6. You’ve got to give me the recipe for this chicken dish!
  7. The cherry pie is out of this world.
  8. This is best sandwich I ever had.

How do you appreciate someone’s work?

It’s good to show appreciation for the skills, insight and perspective a new coworker brings.

  1. “Keep up the great work.”
  2. “I love your confidence.”
  3. “You’re very creative.”
  4. “You’ve been a great addition to the team!”
  5. “I’m excited to work with someone with your experience.”

How do you say someone is amazing?

50 ways to say “you’re awesome.”

  1. You astonish me.
  2. You’re a virtuoso.
  3. Your sagacity is stunning.
  4. You’re a glitterbomb of glory.
  5. Your genius would be alarming, if it wasn’t so damn consistent.
  6. You’re a marvel, mama.
  7. You’ve blinded me with science!
  8. You just revived my faith in humanity.